What YB Hamidah, the racist Perak assemblywoman said was a truly unfortunate.

In the Parliament before the current one, an MP had uttered a racially derogatory word in the august house. This time around, he won’t have a chance to utter those words. Mr. Badruddin Amiruddin lost his seat in the recent elections.

I hope YB Hamidah suffers the same fate.


Yet how many of us really have the moral upper ground to criticize her?

How many of us are actually like her?

Hearts and minds clouded by racism and racial prejudice. We whisper to each other in the comfort of our own race, feeding upon each other’s bias and prejudice.

It’s ‘Us’ against ‘Them’, we tell ourselves.

Oh, but we smile, we laugh, we live together. We claim to subscribe to racial tolerance.

Oh, we’d never openly show the racism within us. YB Hamidah was stupid. She revealed her racism and racial prejudice.

Many of us hide it.