Weeks ago, I flew my flag upside down.

This is because I did not agree with our country’s direction under the present leadership. I fly it upside down as a sign of distress, that Malaysia needs to be saved.

I still do not agree with the country’s direction. Malaysia still needs to be saved. Yet, as Merdeka Day is only days away, I have decided to fly my flag the way its meant to be flown.

Not because my prime minister calls me ‘evil’. Not because I am afraid of action being taken against me. I still believe that if things done change, we will be heading downwards to a path of ruin.

Yet the events in the past few days have given me hope. Hope that more and more Malaysians are willing to save our fair nation. Hope, to say that all is not lost and we may still do something about it.

And so, with this hope, I fly my beloved Jalur Gemilang this Merdeka day.