All in all, some 20,000 to 30,000 people participated in the anti-ISA rally last Saturday.

I did not join, because I am not by nature a street protester. But that doesn’t mean I don’t support the case or that I do not agree with demonstrations. It just means that personally prefer to not protest on the streets.

HINDRAF, however, has taken it to the streets before. That was in 2007. It lead to the detention of five HINDRAF leaders under the ISA.

Many demanded for their release, along with other ISA detainees. They fought HINDRAF’s cause to free its leaders.

Then our prime minister came to power and he released all HINDRAF detainees. The organization splintered into many different entities.

Yet none of them were present last Saturday.

Why? Civil society pressured so hard for the release of the HINDRAF five, now you’re going to abandon the cause because your leaders are free? Are you going to do an Ibrahim Ali in saying that the ISA is ‘needed’ even though your leaders have been detained under the law before?

What’s your stand on the ISA now, HINDRAF?